BLACK PROPAGANDA borns during the summer of 2007 from the meeting of Ian Binetti, Eric Di Donato and Federico Tinivella. With the common passion for music and extreme Metal, and after lots of past performances in various bands, they decide to create a band with Thrash elements, thanks to the influences of bands like Carcass, Entombed, Pantera and Sepultura.
At the beginning the chosen name is "S.H.C. - Self Human Combustion", but after the calling of the always fascinating World War II, seen as the highest point of the human cruelty towards his similar, makes it change to BLACK PROPAGANDA, that is the propaganda made of lies when the nazist/fascist empire was at the end of its existence. So the ideas start to come and the songs take form around the riffs.
After that they have a pause since 2010 with the entering of Jacopo Battuello at the voice, and they record a promo in the first half of the year. Afterwards they sign with Nadir Music of Sadist for their first album that will be recorded in april 2011, with the release into the autumn of the same year.
On november 21st, 2011 is released their first album, entitled "BLACK PROPAGANDA", available in stores and also on iTunes.
In october of 2012 the band fly to Ukraine for their To Autumn Tour 2012, with Homicide Hagridden (IT) and Grace Disgraced (RU).
The year 2013 is finally the one dedicated to the works on the new album. The recordings start at the beginning of january 2014, always into the Nadir Music studios, so the disc can be released into the second quarter of the new year.
On may 26th, 2014 is released their second album, entitled "Psychological Subjection".
On the 3rd of june of the same year they play before Sepultura, engaged in their European Tour 2014, at the AudioDrome of Turin, together with Unforced.
In july the band partecipate at the Total Metal Festival 2014 in Bitonto (Bari), that in this edition offer names like Kreator, Annihilator and Behemoth.
At the end of august they play with Dark Lunacy for their russian tour composed of nine shows, hitting cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
On june of 2016 they have their second tour in Ukraine with Fragore as opener, playing also for two dates with Sadist.
On 2017 the band records the instrumental parts of four new songs that will be completed by the new singer Sergio Caggianello, that becomes part of the band for the future shows and the composition of the third album.
And now comes the present...